Intimate Elopement at San Francisco City Hall
April 29, 2014
United States
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There's something so wildly romantic about an intimate day focused on just two souls in love, don't you think? It's exactly why this San Fran City Hall elopement has my heart skipping a beat. With IQphoto there to capture it all, we're lucky enough to get a glimpse with this pretty gallery.
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From the beautiful Bride… We met the old fashioned way, through a match maker! No, it was really just a family friend/family member in the Bahamas that knew we both lived in LA and thought we should meet. Neither of us considered the meeting a date - it was simply making a family connection in a city where we are both transplants. Who knew?

We decided to make it an intimate elopement where we could completely focus on nothing but each other. It was a tough decision not to have our family and friends there but afterwards we felt like it really was the right choice. No distractions means more room for nothing but us.

When we were at the bus stop taking pictures a bus pulled up and all the passengers were yelling encouragement and congratulations at us! It was a wonderful warm moment from strangers that we will never forget.