Handmade Rustic Barn Wedding
April 28, 2014
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Brides-to-be, take note - when it comes to planning a meaningful, handcrafted affair, this Creswell, Oregon soiree is exactly how it's done. Held at the bride's grandparent's cattle-barn-turned-wedding-venue, it's a day that celebrates family in the loveliest of ways and the the bride's sister, Bethany Small Photography, captured EVERY bit. Want even more? It's all waiting right here.
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From Bethany Small Photography... Bride Whitney and Groom Jonathan did nothing short of creating a dream wedding for their big day. It took months of preparation as any wedding does but this wedding was different.

Jonathan emphasized over and over again to Whitney how they should just elope and forget all the wedding madness. As the months began to draw nearer to the day of their union you would find Jonathan had changed his mind about the elopement. All he wanted was to make his bride's dream come true! You could see this in the way he spent time handcrafting benches (he's a carpenter) for their guests to sit on, transporting giant trees to fill the ceiling space in the barn, and recovering chairs for their guests to sit on as well.

All of these months of hard work were made possible because of the venue they decided to have their wedding at. The old barn that they had their wedding at was the bride's dream venue! She had dreamed of getting married in her grandparent's barn years before she met the guy she would marry. Once her grandpa passed away a few years ago she made the decision to honor him by getting married in his barn. The barn was transformed from a cattle barn to a full blown wedding venue with in a year!

Whitney and Jonathan chose to honor all their guests as bridesmaids and groomsmen instead of having a wedding party up front during the ceremony. Theses two have never been the type to follow trends, that's why this wedding was so incredible to be a part of.

I had the honor of photographing this wedding not only as a job but as a sister of the bride! It could not have been a greater honor to have witnessed every moment of this day unfold!