Will You Be My Bridesmaid DIY with Freixenet
April 24, 2014
If there were one thing the ladies at Style Me Pretty had to pick to take to a desert Island, it would most definitely be a sparkling beverage. Forget the water, we're all about the bubbly. We happen to be connoisseurs of a great glass of cava and our new favorite is Freixenet. It's scrumptious and the perfect pour for bridal showers, wedding receptions or to wet your whistle while you're perusing inspiration for the big day. And as you'll see, it makes for cute bridesmaid gifts too.
Aside from the beauty of that sleek Freixenet bottle, there is the scrumptiousness waiting inside. The technical term for this process of sparkling wine making is the “methode champenoise” and the not-so-technical term is yummy goodness produced in Spain. So raise a glass to your new favorite beverage of choice and be sure to check out the All Love Sparkles Sweepstakes from Freixenet. Each week, until May 2, one lucky duck will win 125 Mini bottles + 1 Memory Magnum. Find all the details right here.
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And now take a look at how we incorporated Freixenet into a super simple, crazy cute Will you be my Bridesmaid DIY. These beauties are designed to make your besties feel as special and important as they are to you. We wanted these boxes to feel celebratory, so we started with our favorite sparkling wine, then built a chic, french-inspired, feminine gift box around that feeling. After receiving a box like this, your girls will be as excited about kicking off your wedding festivities as you are!

Mini Freixenet Bottles
Gold Champagne Flutes
Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards & Labels
Paper Mache Boxes
Black & White Striped Paper
Black & White Polka Dot Paper
Black Kraft Paper
Gold Dot Coasters
Black & White Striped Straws
Pink Rock Candy
Pink Nail Polish
Raspberry Macarons
White Shredded Paper Fill
Gold Leaf Marker
Black Paint Marker
Gold Glitter Ribbon
Glue stick

step-1 Wrap each box with either striped or polka dot paper. Cut the paper to size for each side of the box and use the glue stick to adhere, then firmly press the paper to smooth out any air bubbles. Wrap each lid in black paper in a similar fashion, then line the inside with a piece of striped or polka dot paper. We liked mixing a dotted lid with a striped box and vice versa.

step-2 Write the name of your bridesmaid on a bottle of Freixenet in gold leaf marker. Our trick for making it look like calligraphy? Write it in a loose, thin cursive first, then go back and make all the vertical strokes of each letter thick and leave the horizontal strokes thin. Worried about making mistakes? Have no fear! A black paint marker matches the Freixenet bottle perfectly so you can "erase" your mistakes!

step-3 Write a heartfelt note to your bridesmaid inside the card- this is a great moment to let her know how much her friendship means to you and how excited you are to go through this major life event with her by your side.

step-4 Fill each box with shredded white paper, then add all the goodies- a bright nail polish, sweet macarons, and of course a darling glass to enjoy her bubbly!

step-5 Wrap the box with a glittery gold ribbon and seal with the illustrated floral label that came with your bridesmaid card. Leave on her doorstep to surprise her, or wrap carefully and ship to her address. Even better, bring over an extra bottle of Freixenet and toast together!