5 Tips for Romantic Engagement Photos
April 16, 2014
United States
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As a recently engaged bride-to-be, one of the first wedding to-do's on my mind is an e-sesh. Being a wedding blogger, it's sort of a no brainer! But still, the process can be intimidating. So, how do couples end up with gorgeously effortless engagement photos like these? Having a fab photog like Megan W behind the lens is the first order of business. The other lovely details? Keep reading for Megan's tips!
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From Megan W Photography... In my opinion, the most romantic engagement photos are those where the couple look over-the-moon happy and blissfully in love. Translating these emotions into photographs isn't always an easy task. Let's face it, we aren't all models and being in front of the camera can be downright terrifying for some. Over the years, I've found a few tips that have been helpful in creating genuine, romantic engagement sessions.

1. Cultivate a relationship. From the first emails to the first cups of coffee,​ ​​finding a connection and ​cultivating an authentic relationship with​ ​​a photographer will make all the difference. Even if you're meeting for the first time the day of the engagement session, plan to meet ahead of time at​ ​​your home, a favorite coffee shop or bar; somewhere​ ​​you feel​ ​​comfortable and​ at ease.

2. Location. I encourage couples to choose sentimental locations for their engagement session. A quaint restaurant where​ ​you shared​ ​a first date, a quiet corner of a frequented park, or possibly where​ ​​you got engaged. A mix of indoor and outdoor locations will offer interesting moods and lighting to play with. Soft evening light can add tons of romance to the shoot, and with this in mind, I​ ​​recommend start​ing​ your session​ ​​a couple hours before sunset.​​ Save your favorite location for last so​ ​you're relaxed and comfortable for the best light of the session.​

3. Communication. Collaborating on the styling​ ​and inspiration​ ​of the session​ ​​with your photographer​ ahead of time can make a tremendous difference. I typically suggest that a couple bring several outfits and accessories to the session and we can​ ​​collectively​ pick which works best for each location.

4. Posing. Trust your photographer's direction as you progress in your shoot. If a certain pose feels awkward, change it up and make it your own. ​Hugs, sweet forehead kisses, and practicing your first dance often yields romantic, authentic interaction with little input needed from the photographer.

5. Props. Props can be a wonderful supplement to an engagement shoot when kept tasteful, minimal, and true to​ ​​your personalities. Keeping props as simple as a favorite quilt or a loose handful of flowers can add visual interest to the session​ ​​and inspiration for the photographer​ without taking away from ​your interaction.