Threaded LOVE Sign DIY
April 11, 2014
We love a good sign moment; especially one that you could virtually tuck into every nook and cranny of your wedding day. The options are truly endless with this threaded love sign crafted by A Splendid Occasion and shot by City Love Photography. It's a DIY plucked from this gorgeous Pastel Inspiration Shoot and crafted for your viewing pleasure. Have a look here for even more.

2 different colors of yarn
White Nails
White Paint
Paint brush
Large piece of wood
Paper letter stencils (printed from computer)
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step-1  Prepare board - Grab your paint and completely cover your large piece of wood. Once that is dry, you will be ready to begin.

step-2 Prepare stencils – I used my computer to enlarge my letters to the size that I wanted, but you could definitely freehand your stencil too. Cut out your letters and lay them out on your board so you can visualize the word. Make sure that the spacing is accurate and you are happy with the overall look. Secure the letters to the board with tape.

step-3Create the outline of your letters - Take a hammer and insert the nails onto the very edge of your paper, repeat to create an evenly spaced border around all of your letters. Don’t forget about the inside of your letters, like the loop inside of the “e.” Take out the paper stencils. TIP: Make sure your nails are very secure in the board; you do not want them to come loose from the board as you are moving along!

step-4Outline in the letters with yarn - Now for the fun! Grab both colors of your yarn and tie a loop knot. Secure the knot around the first nail and begin outlining your letters; I suggest moving from the left to the right.

step-5Fill in the letters with yarn – Use your first yarn color and move back and forth between any nails that you want, wrapping the yarn at least once around each nail to secure. There is no pattern! Feel free to criss cross and stretch the yarn to nails far away, and also very close. The more criss crossing and diagonals lines you make, the better. Repeat with the second color. Try to overlap each yarn color for a unique textured affect. (To save time and to make it more fun, grab a buddy to do the second color the same time you are doing the first!)

step-6 Finish up - Once you are satisfied with your yarn crisscrossing, secure the ends of both yarn colors in a knot around a nail. Trim the yarn, but if you have a little extra, feel free to tuck it in behind the other layers. Enjoy the beauty of your work!