Travel Themed DIY Wedding in Seattle
April 10, 2014
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Remember when having a "themed" wedding was so taboo? Like themed was a bad word or something? Well, long gone are those days because couples have figured out that a theme done right can bring instant whimsy and cohesion to a celebration. Especially when you layer on flowers as pretty as this next couple's! Click here for more photos from Laurel McConnell.
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Emily and Kent are too cute for words. Their ‘Better Together’ travel-themed wedding day was one of the sweetest, love-filled, crazy good times we’ve ever had the honor of photographing. Emily and her mom designed the whole event and handmade many of the details, from the programs to the matchbooks. Everywhere you looked was evidence of the care and creation that went into making E&K’s day one-of-a-kind: matching getting ready robes for the bridesmaids, Kent’s hand stamped cufflinks, their globe ‘guestbook’, and the continental wedding cake to name a few. All of the dreaming, planning, and décor-making paid off big time, but the real treat was photographing the palpable joy that permeated their entire day.