Purple Southern Wedding with Persian Flare
April 9, 2014
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When Persian meets the South it's bound to be a charming, beautiful thing, and all expectations have been blown out of the water courtesy of this stunning soiree from Glass Jar Photography. The hues of purple are making my heart race, but that ceremony venue has straight up stolen it right out of my chest!
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From Glass Jar Photography... Amanda is Persian, but grew up in Alabama, met Ben (from Cullman, AL) then they moved to Chicago, now LA...So, they wanted to throw a wedding party that mixed her heritage with his, and their shared southern roots into a beautiful and fun wedding on the mountain.

The colors were a mix of purple, red and black, and at the reception they had belly dancer's, fire breathers and all kinda of cutely named southern drinks, etc...they even had a cereal bar for later in the night!