Rustic Glam Mountain Top Inn Wedding
April 8, 2014
New England
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When your wedding theme involves “Summer Camp For Adults," there's no doubt a good day will follow. Just take this Mountain Top Inn affair captured by Jami Saunders and Moving Presentations. It's rustic, mountain beauty gone glam and there's a whole lot more waiting right here.
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From the Bride... "Summer Camp For Adults" was the theme of our wedding weekend in the gorgeous mountains of Vermont. We invited our closest friends and family to join us for 3 full days of pure bliss, away from the stresses of city life, iPhones, wifi, and Instagram. Our ultimate goal was to create an environment where everyone's differences and similarities would not only mesh well, but would thrive.

We planned a Mexican Fiesta complete with Maracas, Pinatas, and a tequila bar fully stocked with my husbands tequila brand, Tanteo! Field day was another big event during the weekend as it brought out all of our inner child stars, some more competitive than others, but ultimately a ridiculously great time.

My husband & I were both brought up in Jewish homes with similar values and traditions although he grew up Orthodox & I, Reform. It was important that we celebrate the way we live our lives together while still incorporating as many Jewish traditions as possible as a celebration of where we came from and who we are today. We decided to ask our friend, Trevor to marry us under the Vermont state law, and my husband's brother, Aron under the Jewish law. The ceremony was the most rewarding aspect of our wedding as we wanted it to feel unique to us and our expression of love and commitment while still carrying on our heritage and understanding what it means to be married under the Jewish law.

Trevor sprung 'vows' on us under the Chupah which forced us to compose spur of the moment remarks to one another. In the moment, I remember having no clue what I was saying yet words flooded from my mouth so easily. My husband and I look back on that part of the ceremony and think about how lucky we were to be put in a situation where we were forced to say whatever was in our hearts at that exact moment in time, standing hand in hand about to become husband and wife. And to have it captured on film is icing on the cake as I couldn't remember anything I muttered!

With regards to the design of our wedding, we wanted our guests to say, 'that's so Stefanie & Jacob.' Our apartment looks very similar to how we designed our venue: a love for both nature and city life, we created an atmosphere that was rustic with a splash of NYC glam. A princess wedding gown and Red Carpet hair blend beautifully with a birch tree Chupah and a barn, right? We think so! We picked crystal plates to lie on farm tables with DIY touches all over the place. We had friends help cut, paste, paint, sew and more. It was truly a labor of love.

And last but not least, we want to send major points to our parents, specifically our moms for all of the hard work they put in. We would also like to thank them for holding back judgement and eye rolling as we sat across the dinner table to share our news; 'we want to get married in a barn on a mountain.' If you knew either of our parents, you'd know this was the exact opposite of any wedding they would ever plan. But, because they know us so well, they just smiled and said, 'of course you do.' With a son in the tequila biz and a freelance makeup artist for a daughter, our parents know by now, we beat to our own drum. And everyone was happy in the end.