Los Angeles Carondelet House Wedding with Rustic Charm
April 8, 2014
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Style. That is the first word that popped in my head when I laid on this gorgeous wedding from Valorie Darling, and really, it fits perfectly. Because this couple? They have that effortless style people try so hard to recreate, but for them, it just comes naturally. So when they plan a wedding, you can bet your bottom dollar it's going to be good. See all the stylish goodness right here.
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From the Bride...For our wedding we wanted to give our guests a true sense of who we are while sharing our appreciation for rustic charm. We have collected ideas along the way and wanted to implement them into the experience from flowers to decor to food and social interaction.

One example came from our friend; an old school Hollywood producer who incorporated the dining room table from his ranch into his LA home. The table is a collage of carved signatures ranging from first time visitors to Hollywood greats. We had to have one. An old picnic table became our sign-in/"carve-in" book and the result was amazing. Friends and family embraced it with notes and signatures we will display forever.

For flowers we went back to one of our first dates for inspiration. While hiking and collecting wild flowers we lost track of time and found ourselves lost at sundown, then later locked in a state park and forced to break out (with flowers in tow of course). With the help of my mom, sister-in-law, Ashley Garrett (wedding planner) and Valorie Darling (photographer) we set out on an adventure of our own to the LA flower market. Inspired by that first bouquet, we chose only California wildflowers, coupled with Ashley's vintage vases. The result was not only perfect, but affordable.

We wanted to celebrate our families old and new and commemorate their special days by displaying black and white pictures of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The images helped us to feel that somehow those loved ones we have lost still so dear to our hearts were watching over us. Ashley and Valorie helped us create a frame with rustic twine and clothes pins that hung over the doors while we said our vows. The outcome was an image of two family trees, generations old meeting together with my husband and I standing underneath starting a new family.

Ashley helped us craft an environment where our personal expression flowed cohesively while coupling the Carondelet House, a rustic french villa with our country American vintage theme. Our food and cocktails ranged from a whole suckling pig to paella cooked on site. The magic of the night included surprise fireworks and country style line dance instruction to hip-hop music. Talking about it now I can't believe it all worked together, but I guess those girls had the magic touch. It couldn't have been any better. We had the perfect night.