Hindu-Chinese Wedding at the Los Altos History Museum
April 7, 2014
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Vibrant, bright and infused with meaning, this beautiful celebration at the Los Altos History Museum captured by Bethany Carlson Photography is just prettiness defined. Planned to perfection by Mango Muse Events, every colorful detail is gorgeous to say the very least, and you can see it all here.
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From Bethany Carlson Photography...I was instantly smitten by Los Altos History Museum's intimate charm. Dark chocolate, vintage-style buildings engulfed the red-brick courtyard. Large trees hugged the perimeter which made Szu & Girish's wedding ceremony & reception feel as though we were whisked away out far in the countryside. I loved the diversity that the wedding day brought. from the traditional hindu ceremony showered in bright colors and indian customs to the receptions modern styled details (and not to mention the bride's gorgeous couture reception gown). The bride began her day by wearing a bright fuschia sari accompanied by her (soon-to-be) mother-in-laws wedding jewelry & henna-dyed hands. The guests were divided by a river of bright rose petals. both Indian & Chinese family members and friends were present as the repeated and responded to the mantras read by their officiant. Although in western culture this seemed to be a lengthy service, the hindu ceremony was a shortened version of what is usually a three-day process. So very symbolic each moment was for Szu & Girish. At the end of the ceremony, the two took their first steps together as a husband & wife and was showered with rose petals. The reception began with cocktails, photo booth and writing personalized puzzle pieces to the bride & groom. Guests found their table by searching for their postcard from a location that the couple had traveled together. After emotional speeches & incredible dessert spread, the couple had their first dance synchronized. Followed up by the parents of the bride dancing for the crowd to light the dance floor.