Cathedral Window Coaster DIY
April 4, 2014
United States
The hand-crafted products from this wedding were too good not to delve into a little deeper. And it makes total sense when the Bride behind that gorgeous wedding is none other than Jennifer Parsons of Tiny Pine Press. She teamed up with Gia Canali for a DIY that's so lovely, it's sure to land a spot in your home if not crafted for every one of your wedding guests. Read below for all the details!
From Tiny Pine Press... My sweet and generous family created our wedding favors… a variety pack of 4 “from the east to the west coasters". My younger brother made the leather one, with our monogram pressed in the center. My uncle sawed the branches of birch and other species for the wooden coasters, my aunt Loraine and a friend crocheted one, and my mom made 100 of my very favorite quilt pattern – the cathedral window.



8” squares of think muslin fabric
2 3/4” squares of pattern fabric
a ruler
cutting mat
scissors or rotary cutter
a needle
an iron


step-1 Cut out an 8” square piece of fabric with a ruler and cutting mat – you can draw with pencil to know where to cut and cut out the square.

step-2 Iron the square and then turn the edges over ¼” and press them flat.

step-3 Fold the square in half and then half again and crease the fabric. Open the square to find the center of the square. Fold the corners into the center and then press the folds flat with the iron.

step-4 Now, fold the new corners in so they all meet in the middle. Use the needle and thread to tack down each corners all the way through the center of the square.

step-5 Cut your small square of pattern fabric from corner to corner to make 4 triangles.

step-6 Stitch the reverse side of the pattern triangle to the outer edge of the coaster square.

step-7 Fold the triangle back on itself, trim the corners to make it flush.

step-8 Take the edge of the muslin triangle and bend it over the pattern, and stitch into place from the outside in, making a sort of loopy tack at the center. Do this to both sides and to all four inner triangles.

step-9 Press the coaster flat with an iron and you’re done!