Behind the Scenes with Donna Morgan
April 4, 2014
It seems the Donna Morgan office has been bitten by the love bug. With not one, not two, but four DM ladies rocking a new left hand ring, we found it was only fitting to get in on all the fun.  From color inspiration to styling tricks, they're sharing first-hand experiences plus a few expert tips along the way. Congrats, lovelies!
Hello brides-to-be! We are thrilled to be sharing our bridal and engagement stories with you during this exciting time. Within a few months three (now four – seriously is there something going on in this office?) of us are newly engaged and ready to plan our big days!
You would think working in the industry meant that when our fiancés knelt down, we were planned out and ready to go within moments…but we’ve faced the same stresses, decisions, and emotions as every other bride.
Between the four of us, we have weddings in April, August, September and December. While plenty of details are still being finalized (band worksheets, invites, menu tasting – the list goes on!), there is one part of this wedding planning process that we have totally wrapped our heads around – how to dress our maids.

The East Coast Prep Bride

Lauren is the perfect example of a bride who had some idea of what dresses she wanted her bridesmaids to wear as she is planning a romantic seaside wedding in Cape Cod (50 days until the big day!). She knew she wanted dresses that were romantic, would sway in the breeze and complement her navy and green color scheme.

She sent her friends out to do some research with very clear coaching. With the guideline of “navy” they quickly decided long gowns would work better for the locale. After plenty of research, they decided upon the Rachel and Bailey  from Donna Morgan, as they both wanted different styles. A fun statement necklace is going to tie the two girls together for a cohesive yet personally flattering look.

Lauren totally trusted her friend’s taste in dresses, but gave them a very specific color to research. It is important to give your bridesmaids direction and not allow them to stray from your vision (you don’t want them to send “purple” options, when you have your heart set on navy!)

The Winter Glam Bride

Lindsey is planning a glamorous winter wedding in New York full of art deco touches and luxurious textures (gold and velvet) for December. Lindsey knew she wanted dresses that very different and non-traditional for her girls.

Being a very lucky lady, Lindsey dug into the Donna Morgan archives to find something truly special! She ended up choosing three vintage Donna Morgan gowns for her maids, before she even asked her maids (or found her dress!)

If you have a crystal clear picture of want you want for your girls, go for it! You’ll be glad it’s checked off the list, and we’re sure your girls won’t mind being spared the time.

The NYC Modern Bride

Lisa is getting married in August and will have her sister, close friend, and brother standing by her side for an evening summer rooftop wedding in NYC. She is planning (and hoping!) to find the perfect balance of elegance and fun with personal touches (and a dose of sparkle!) While a bridesman is certainly not unheard of today, it does make planning a coordinating look slightly more challenging (one of his first questions upon accepting the role was, “What exactly am I wearing?”)

Lisa and her maid of honor have been furiously pinning to a shared board to research dresses in candlelight and champagne, which can be personalized for each girl based on style and accessories. The bridesman will be tied in with a coordinating pocket square and suspenders by request.

With a non-traditional bridal party and an evening ceremony there are plenty of options to find a unique look for each member that will still create a cohesive story.