Orange Infused Wedding Celebration in Chicago
April 3, 2014
ModernMuseumSpring Weddings
This couple chose to tie the knot on one of the most festive holidays in Chicago; St Patricks Day Weekend. But you won't find a stitch of emerald green. Instead it's a blanket of orange crafted by Big City Bride and set against the lofty backdrop of River East Art Center. The one thing they did pull from St. Paddy's Day? A happy, happy celebration captured by Robyn Rachel Photography plus a great film by Highway 61 films below!
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From Big City Bride... Lucky in love, Jennifer and Kevin got married on St. Patrick's day weekend at River East Art Center. As many may know, St. Patrick's Day is one of Chicago's favorite days to celebrate – with a rambunctious parade and a dyed green river. Nothing about this wedding tied in the cliché elements of the holiday but it certainly took to heart the same sense of celebration.

Jennifer and Kevin chose understated design that so perfectly highlighted the beautiful architecture of River East Art Center. Their organic taste led them towards simple but colorful floral elements, corals and oranges, that popped on the green linens and burlap runners. The look embodied the spirit of the season, understated and unexpected pops of color amongst a neutral palette.

With such a calm and fun environment for their guests, the evening only got better when Jennifer and Kevin revealed a few tricks up their sleeves. With family such a priority to the couple, Kevin's sons were undoubtably show stoppers as they walked down the aisle carrying a "Here she comes Daddy!" sign…only to be followed by the radiant bride. They truly won over everyone's hearts when Jennifer and Kevin helped the two little guys shine in the spotlight as magicians for dinner entertainment. With capes and hats and wands…and disappearing objects…no one could resist the adorable show…nor could they deny the how magical it was to see the new family come together!