Elegant Barcelona Destination Wedding
April 3, 2014
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You know it's a beautiful wedding with just 5 minutes and 35 seconds of a (stunning) highlight film grabs on to your heart and tears stream down your face. With Yes, I Do behind the planning, I knew I'd love it, but after watching the intimate emotions captured so well by FOCUSLAB, I'm floored, and quite honestly, wiping tears from my eyes.
From FOCUSLAB... Alex and David have lived a lifetime separated just by some blocks in their city, New York, going to the same parties, same restaurants, with some common friends, but without running into each other, but as in all great stories there is something unexpected happened, they met in Spain and this country became important in their story, so they decided to get married there. Alex and David were preparing a wedding that reflected their day-to-day: full of details, stylish and a big celebration for their friends, who have traveled from the States (and all over the world) to be with them. The trip is an important point in their history so they decided to give their guests a unique experience of traveling and visiting a new city.

Furthermore we have to add the warmth of the vows that they read each other and the speeches that their guests, basically best friends and family, gave and that helped us to explain the story of this couple.