Colorado New Years Eve Wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch
April 3, 2014
United States
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New Years Eve weddings are genius to me. Ringing in the New Year with your nearest and dearest and saying I do all in the same day? Doesn't get any better. That is unless you have Love This Day Events planning every perfect cozy, glam, winter moment at Devil's Thumb Ranch, and Kelli Lyn behind the lens making sure those moments are captured in a way you'll treasure year after year. That's as good as it gets, lovelies. See more here.
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From Love This Day Events...Bailee and Tyler's New Years Eve Colorado Ranch wedding was a dream to work on! Bailee had such amazing inspiration ideas and let's face it, I am sucker for glitter. Add in crazy amounts of New Years Eve details, glitter and geometric details and this will go down as one of my favorite weddings of all time!

How did you and Tyler meet and fall in love?

Tyler and I met our freshman year of college. We met when a mutual friend was giving us both a ride to the beach to hang out with a bunch of friends. Tyler remembers this moment distinctly and claims that “a spotlight shone down from heaven and music started playing” as I walked out of my dorm... I don’t quite remember it happening like that. Anyway, we quickly became close friends and not long after, Tyler decided that he was going to make me his if He died trying. It took him a few months to break me, but after a week spent with his family and a few of our best friends over spring break, It’s safe to say that I had an intense crush. A couple months later on the last night of a vacation with friends, he surprised me and took me on a hike through the mountains with hot coco and a blanket in hand. We sat down looking out over the most incredible view and he told me that he had been thinking about this moment for months. He confessed his feelings for me and that he wanted to officially call me his girlfriend. We talked that night about all of our hopes for our relationship and how happy we were to be together - and the rest is history!

How did he propose?

My alarm went off at 5:00 am one cold November thursday and I immediately dreaded a long weekend of work, school and missing my boyfriend and best friend that I thought I was approaching. I quickly got ready to take my best friend to the airport, the same airport that I had dropped Tyler off at the day before. By 6:30 am, I found myself in the line about to board a flight to Colorado. SURPRISE! As my best friend dropped me off a complete emotional mess, she handed me the first of many precious letters, this one from Tyler. The letter assured me that this would be the most incredible day of my life, and encouraged me to relax and enjoy every moment... also directions for where to find the next letter. Once the flight took off, I read the next letter tucked into my carry on from my little sister Chloe, which evoked the first set of tears of the day. Praying and reflecting, I enjoyed a peaceful flight to Colorado, where I would find my amazing, beautiful sister's to be Tarah and Jessi! They greeted me with hugs and squeals and handed me the next letter, from my not so little brother Micah. We embarked on our girls day, and headed to lunch at a quaint old tea house where we caught up and talked about what a great day this would be. Next, we drove to my mother in law to be/talented esthetician's home where I received a relaxing facial and massage. My older-little sister Morgie's letter also awaited, evoking yet more tears. From there, us three girls headed to get manicures per my now Fiancé Tyler, then they dropped me off to have a couple hours to freshen up, think and get ready for the night. As I was about to do my make-up, I read the next letter, the one that would send me into a whirl of emotions and deeply felt love. My Dad wrote the words that every daughter dreams of hearing. Tarah, Jessi and I then headed out for Sushi. Up until this point, I had felt peaceful and had been able to really enjoy every moment of the day with a clear mind... but then I realized how close I was to the most significant and life-changing moment of my life. As my girls prepped me with encouraging words and mints, I read the last letter of the day, my mom's. Next I nervously walked in to a tiny little old church in downtown Colorado Springs decorated with twinkle lights and lace and candles and all things pretty. I walked up to a table where I found our very first photo. Most importantly though, I found the last letter of the day, the best one! I opened the envelope to find a letter that Tyler wrote to me the night he asked me to be his girlfriend on July 17, 2011, the night he also knew that he loved me and dreamed of one day asking me to be his wife. That day, July 17, 2011 Tyler dreamt of and wrote how he would propose and composed a song which he would have playing in the back ground. As I struggled to read those words through my tears, I realized that he had stuck to it all, from the proposal and the song to the prayers and desires that he had for our relationship. Next thing I knew we were bawling and laughing in each others arms, I had my dream ring on my finger and got my first kiss of my life from the man of my dreams. Oh, and then my parents walk out for the final and most special surprise of the day which led us into a beautiful night of celebration with our friends and family.

How did you pick your venue?

I’m a sucker for a cozy winter night and have an obsession with fireplaces. I wanted to create an intimate, romantic, cozy winter vibe and Devil’s Thumb Ranch’s Broad Axe Barn was perfect with it’s big beautiful fireplace and gorgeous winter mountain setting.

Why New Years Eve?

We wanted a winter wedding but were struggling to find a date that worked for both of our families - so we said “hey, why not give all our people something awesome to do on NYE?!” And we loved it! Designing and creating a NYE wedding gave us a great excuse to use lots of sparkle and lots of fun reception details!

What was your design inspiration?

“Cozy Glam” I wanted the whole night to feel really intimate and cozy, but I also LOVE sparkle! I wanted to incorporate fun NYE elements while maintaining the cozy winter wedding vibe. Chandeliers and tassels in a barn with a fireplace perfectly achieved our “cozy glam” goal!

If you had one piece of advice to give to other couples, what would it be?

Do everything you can to bring in personal and intimate touches to your day. Create an environment that makes you and your fiancé feel most comfortable and that is a true reflection of your personalities and relationship!