Bachelorette Celebration at Drybar
April 2, 2014
Hello, Pretty Brides! It’s Devon Rachel and I’m back to talk about my wedding planning process as we move in to the home stretch (AHHH!) At this point, I’m starting to stress so much about the little things and I know I need to take a deep breath and realize that all of the big and major details are finalized. But, it’s hard as a Bride! Let’s just say, this girl could use a girl’s day. Couldn’t we all? This is where the great idea comes.
I really wanted to get my Bridesmaids together for a girl’s day of relaxation and Mimosas before all the madness really starts. So before we left for my Bachelorette trip in Vegas, I invited my girls to an afternoon of blowouts, champagne and plenty of laughs at Drybar in Dallas. Each girl picked from the many different blowout styles and had their hair done. It was a great time to kick back, celebrate the moment and we had such a blast (as you can see), that I had to share the idea with you!
What I love about a pre-wedding/pre-bachelorette party get-together is that you can invite not only your bridesmaids but also other friends and family. If you decide to have the get together before a bachelorette party, it’s a great way to invite friends who can’t make the event! If you decide to keep the guests to Bridesmaids, it’s a great time to give or talk about jewelry, shoes and accessories for the big day. The options are endless! Not to mention, it’s simple and super easy to plan. #MultitaskingBrides
Pick a theme, grab your girls and have a great time! You deserve it, Pretty Bride. To read more about my wedding, visit Devon Rachel. Also, stay tuned for my posts leading up to the big day here on SMP!
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