Colorful Smog Shoppe Wedding
March 28, 2014
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Give me 100 weddings out of SmogShoppe and I'll give you 100 of the coolest weddings with the most personality ever. Take this one, from Andria Lo. Not only is it colorful and happy in the best ways ever, but the bride is pretty much exactly what I want in a best friend (judging by her write up below and her impeccably whimsy style).
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From the stunning bride... Victor and I love Los Angeles; it’s where he was born and raised, where I have spent my entire adult life, and where we both met. We will make any excuse to have our friends and family over to our place to celebrate. So for our wedding, we wanted something that felt like one of our backyard boogies, but jazzed up a few notches (I hear the kids these days use "turnt up;" I think that's what we were going for but can't confirm without consulting Urban Dictionary). Finally, we both try not to take ourselves too seriously, so it was also important to us that our wedding didn't feel stuffy or too formal. The Smog Shoppe provided a gorgeous setting that still felt relaxed, homey and intimate (well, as intimate as you can get with 200-some guests). It's quirky details (the Egyptian plant holders, the kitten tiles, etc.) made me love it that much more.

We were blessed to have many talented and generous loved ones who helped us pull off all of the details, which included drinking 30 bottles of wine for our centerpieces (our friends were happy to get this checked off our list), painting bottles gold, providing the soundtrack to the reception, making Washi tape straw flags, etc.; you name pretty much any detail of our wedding, and our friends and family were involved in some way. We were so lucky to work with a wonderful group of vendors who made the daunting task of wedding planning much, much easier and, dare I say, fun.

Our approach to wedding planning was to try to enjoy it as much as we could (and to laugh through the parts that weren’t too enjoyable). There were (plenty of) times when the planning felt stressful and overwhelming, but I think Victor and I tried not to take things too seriously (until the vows; those were serious). When our wedding day came, we couldn't stop smiling. It was the best day of our lives, filled with love, laughter and the people who mean so much to us. We couldn't have wished for better.