Rustic Colorado Ranch Wedding
March 25, 2014
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A self-pronounced sweets lover, I can say with the utmost confidence that this wedding is toting the best centerpieces I ever did see; cake centerpieces to be exact. Cake! So genius. Plus a rustic Colorado backdrop like you wouldn't believe and the sweetest family driven ceremony all captured by Brett Heidebrecht Photography. It's so, so pretty and charming that a gallery visit is a definite must.
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From the Bride... I am a firm believer in having a wedding day that honors who you are as a couple, whatever that looks like. We knew that we really wanted a full weekend with our family to relax and enjoy some quality time together. Being a wedding photographer myself I came into the wedding planning process with a slightly different perspective. I knew that I did not want the traditional see everyone in a couple of hours and then say goodbye kind of wedding. I love talking to and being with my loved ones too much and I knew that would stress me out. In the end of course we got married the weekend of a natural disaster in Colorado. That threw my whole world upside down. The advice I try to always give to brides is to hire amazing vendors that you trust, work as hard as you can to get organize what you can in advance and on the day of what happens....happens.

I really wanted a dinner that felt like one big family enjoying each other. Harvest style long connected tables, romantic lights, etc. We did a wedding cake per table instead of one large wedding cake and each married couple at the table got to "cut the cake" to help relive their own wedding days. My dream had always been to get married in a field and have the reception in the barn. We ended up with an adaptation of that on a beautiful Colorado ranch. We wanted our wedding day to be relaxed, fun and full of love.

We received many comments from guests of our wedding that our day incorporated family in a way that had never seen and became dubbed the most emotional wedding they had been too. All I can say is incorporating our family was extremely important to us. At the beginning of the ceremony my grandmother brought up the bible that she carried when she married my grandfather sixty years ago. We used it to say our vows over and committed our marriage to the Lord hoping for a foundation as strong as our grandparents. Instead of doing a sand or candle ceremony we chose to do a ring warming ceremony. While the pastor, my cousin Bliss, spoke our rings were passed among all of our family and friends who would say a prayer or give their well wishes to us silently. This signified having their love and support with us at all time in our marriage. Also our readings were done by family members that we chose ahead of time and asked them to share whatever they felt led to share. It was nice to not choose a standard verse or story that is shared at every wedding but truly have it come from the heart of those who were speaking. I also wore a gold rose and diamond necklace that was my nana's whom I loved so dearly and my flowers were adorned by an heirloom of my Memomie's who had also passed away. Also my Papa led the entire wedding reception in singing our traditional family blessing the Johnny Appleseed song. We grew up singing it before every family dinner it's a tradition that spread from my fathers side of the family to my mothers and it holds a very special place in my heart.