A Sweet Engagement in Paris, France
March 25, 2014
I have a serious weakness when it comes to two things. One being love, and two being Paris. So when you combine my two favorite things in the whole wide world, I turn into a big ball of happiness. That happiness turns into sheer joy when we get see it all come to life through images as beautiful as by Marjorie Prvl Photography. It's image after image of pure gorgeous, and it's all waiting for you here.
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From Marjorie Prvl Photography...My name is Marjorie Preval and I'm a photographer based in Paris, France and New York. I recently had the pleasure to shoot an engagement session for a fellow wedding photographer, CJ and her french fiancé Adrien in Paris this past December. She expressed desire for a simpler shoot so I took them to some of my favorite locations in my arrondissement. Before I met them I was directed to a site they have up for upcoming wedding and I was inspired by their story. On said site there was a photo taken the night they met and I loved it so much that it inspired the general feel of the shoot, sweet and full of love. We were blessed with some of the most amazing weather Paris could give us mid-December and spent a morning walking from arrondissement to arrondissment taking Paris in while taking photos. I'm lucky that I get to photograph people in love in Paris, where every corner is postcard worthy.

From the Bride-to-be...I never in a million years thought I would meet the one in New York City, but one day I did meet my prince and he just so happened to be from France. That's right, a handsome french man! The time came when he wanted to bring me to France for the first time to meet all of his extended family, and thankfully he planned for us to stay in Paris for a week. Even though we were going in December and I knew it would be freezing, I desperately wanted to have a romantic French photo session in Paris to remember my first time in Paris and my first trip to France. Once I saw Marjorie's website I knew she was the one we should work with abroad, and we had such a fun afternoon hopping all around Paris exploring new places and spaces throughout the session. Marjorie was a pleasure to work with, and we are so excited to have our session in France to look back on all our fun memories traveling abroad together for the first time.