Lyman Estate Wedding
March 24, 2014
New England
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Any mom that handcrafts 1,001 origami paper cranes - a Japanese symbol of good luck - deserves some sort of medal in my book. And when that origami serves as the most gorgeous ceremony backdrop you ever did see? Let's just say I love it all the more. Captured by the lovely Ze Liang Photography with blooms by Hiromi Flowers, this cultural beauty is one you just mustn't miss.
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From the Bride... I had the pleasure of photographing Beth and Matt's wedding at Lyman Estate. It was very special because they incorporated their Japanese and Hawaiian styles. Not only did they have a traditional Hawaiian ceremony where Beth and Matt put leis on each other as well as their parents, but they also had a banzai toast during reception where everyone yelled "Banzai!" three times as loud as they could, which symbolized good luck. One of the most special elements in planning and decorating their venue (Lyman Estate) was the crane origami. Beth's mom's full time job a few months leading up to the wedding was to make 1001 cranes, which was used as their ceremony backdrop as well as place cards. In Japanese culture, cranes also symbolize good luck.

A very person touch that was incorporated in the making of Beth’s bouquet was the lace that was pinned on the handle. It was a part of Beth’s grandmother’s wedding dress. Beth and her grandmother had a close relationship so she wanted something that belonged to her that she could carry with her all day. There were photos of Beth holding her grandparents’ wedding photo and Matt holding his grandparents’. As a photographer, I love photos like those because they tell a story, a story about the bride and groom and their tie to their grandparents. It captured a timeless moment because no matter how long from now they look at the photos, their relationship remains the same.

Beth and Matt’s modern romance began on Valentine’s Day when Matt messaged Beth on OkCupid. They had exchanged messaged for a while until Beth suggested they met up. Matt was solving a crossword puzzle and was struggling on a word; when Beth arrived, she was able to solve it right away; Matt had then known he found a smart one. On their first date, they went to “Little Italy”, aka the North End. They were huge fans of standup comedy shows so of course their first date involved going to Comedy Connection in the North End.

Lyman Estate was beautiful. It’s a historic property surrounded by tall trees and a huge lawn. It felt like the wedding took place somewhere in the suburbia when it was right in Waltham, which wasn't too far from the city. There was a small hill next to the estate where most people seemed to neglect, we did bridal party photos and formals on the hill and it turned out to be gorgeous. All of it was possible because instead of wearing heels, Beth wore flats so she could walk on the pebble road for the ceremony, being able to walk to the top of the hill was an added bonus.