Hilltop Al Fresco Wedding In Malibu, California
March 21, 2014
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Open air weddings and California are one of the greatest combinations to ever happen to weddings, don't you think? This latest combo photographed by Kurt Boomer is an affair full of culture, family driven details and, all in all, a beautifully crafted day at the hands of a stylish Bride and Groom. See so much more right here.

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Malibu Canyon holds many hidden vineyards throughout its winding valley. Beautiful scenes illuminated by amazing California light make for some of the best weddings. Cielo Farms is no exception. Perched on the top of a gorgeous hill, it gives you an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Ghazal and Travis are one of those couples that know style. Both work within the art world and it shows with their design for their wedding. It was a mix of two beautiful cultures with many details whose meaning stretched back generations.

Many members of the family came together and put lots of work into creating the details. The most amazing of it all was the ceremony centerpiece. A truly unique piece of art. There is always something special about a wedding when every detail has so much meaning to the couple and family.