San Francisco City Hall Elopement
March 20, 2014
United States
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I've professed my love for elopements a time or two on this little ol' blog, but how can you possibly not be head over heels for them when you see one as amazing as this one? Captured by Vincent Au Photography, it's yet another example of why elopements will always rank high on my list of favorite weddings, and you can see even more here.
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From the Bride...Before I met Dan, I dreamed of 3 things: 1) finding my soul mate, 2) getting married at San Francisco City Hall, 3) and having Vincent Au Photography capture the special day. I remember the very first time I saw San Francisco City Hall and Vincent Au Photos, I fell in love the magnificent architecture of the venue and the impressive talent of the photographer. Luckily my dream came true when I met Dan, in him I found my best friend and one soul mate.. He got down on one knee and proposed on July 31, 2012.

The first thing we did as newly engaged couple was to go ahead and finally book Vincent Au Photography as our photographer. My dream coming to reality was half way there. We then proceeded with spreading the news and hearing opinions from both families and started to plan a wedding that would please both families which sadly did not include San Francisco City Hall.

Few months went by, the wedding date was set, wedding planning kept going, ceremony venue and reception banquet were booked, invitations were printed and the ball was rolling. However, I kept thinking about my dream wedding before getting engaged and letting in everybody else's opinion of an ideal wedding influenced us.

We took a break from the wedding planning and realigned what was important for us. As cliche as it sounds, what was important to Dan was that I had a wedding I had always wanted, wherever it may be. So we decided that instead of cancelling all the plans, we kept the wedding date ceremony and reception as planned for November 23, 2013 and just elope on our 1 year proposal anniversary on July 31, 2013 in a private ceremony at San Francisco City Hall with Vincent Au as our photographer and witness. Once again, wedding planning started to be fun again.

I picked up a champagne evening gown with gorgeous beading that would complement San Francisco City Hall's golden hue. For Dan's attire, I picked up a classic black tie and light gray shirt that would be balance the classic look. I still can't believe my dream wedding day came true... I met my partner for life, married at the magnificent San Francisco City Hall and had Vincent Au Photography capture our special day...Now we look forward to renewing our vows and celebrating with family and friends in November 2013...