Bachelor Winner Nikki Ferrell's Boudoir Session
March 19, 2014
I'm one of those girls who plans her weekly schedule around episodes of The Bachelor. No joke - it's a borderline obsession. And when the fabulous Alea Lovely shared her boudoir captures of the latest lovely to snag the final rose? Well, my jaw nearly hit the floor. Victorian Gardens whipped up blooms for the occasion, we've got every last snap in the gorgeous full gallery. Congrats Nikki and Juan Pablo!
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From Alea... Nikki has modeled for me before, as she is one of Kansas City’s favorite to work with in my opinion , but around Valentine’s day I wanted to do something that was fun and almost American Beauty themed. Since she was on the show “The Bachelor” I thought it would be a fun twist to further incorporate the rose theme. I think boudoirs are such a fun way to express femininity, without objectifying our bodies negatively. It allows us to have images that we can look at ourselves - no matter size - and see that we are beautiful.

I think when people hear "boudoir," they think of something very racy or scandalous when I think in more terms of a beauty session. We as women should embrace our bodies and this shoot was to promote that. To show more boudoirs to women, so we could look at that and see that it’s not so intimidating. We did some fun ones as well that weren’t so “rose” themed but it was a congratulatory surprise to see that Nikki won Juan Pablo’s heart (and he won hers ). We all wish them the very best!