Wedding Highlight Film at The Winnipeg Art Gallery
March 18, 2014
ModernMuseumSummer Weddings
I know it's Tuesday, which means we've gotten over the Monday blues, but just in case they're sticking around a little longer this week, I've absolutely got the remedy in this beautiful film from Paperback Films. It's a total dream and the smile that will appear on your face in the first three seconds of this film will stick around for the rest of the day.
From the cinematographer... Kate was well in-tune with what we were creating for people and what it meant. Jeff and Kate both live out in Vancouver. The story of how they got there is fascinating. When we see these two holding hands, crossing over a divide in the garden and walking in parallel to meet again at the end – it is really a strong metaphor to how they ended up together. After a few disappointing years, Kate gave up on relationships. She decided to move out west to begin a new life, where she found herself working at a bank. There, she interacted with customers as they came and went until Jeff came through those doors. Jeff made an effort to keep coming back to her and before they knew it, they were together at last.

If you’ve ever met a guy who is passionate about life, Jeff is that person. The morning of his wedding, though he was a bit shy at first, he quickly forgot about cameras following him around. He’s the type of person who isn’t often caught off guard. His passion lies in fitness and training which goes so well with his character – strong, witty and sharp. When he turned around and gazed into Kate’s eyes for the first time, his heart started pounding and for the first time that day he was at a loss for words. From there on, he forgot everything else in the world and focused on her. They shared this important day with friends and family gathered for a rooftop ceremony, followed by a wonderfully warm reception downstairs at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. It’s always fun working with friends and we had the pleasure of working with Luckygirl Photography that day as well. We hope you enjoy.