Irish-Inspired Wedding at Tir Na Nog Estate
March 17, 2014
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Inspired by the rich beauty of the ol' Emerald Isle, this Tir Na Nog Estate wedding is what St. Paddy's celebration (SMP style) is all about. And while tragedy struck the bride's family just days before the wedding, the result was a love that prevailed even stronger. Read on for the whole story and don't miss the gallery of Brosnan Photographic's captures plus Le Cape Weddings's film sitting pretty down below.
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From Brosnan Photographic... This was a dream wedding to photograph for me as it was a personal one. Christiana was my childhood best friend. We grew up with our houses back to back from each other. We grew apart when my family moved houses when we were around 10 years old. Years later we reconnected through Facebook and after 17 years we finally met again when Christiana asked me to be her wedding photographer. Fate stepped in again as I found out they were planning an Ireland inspired wedding and I just happen to currently live in Ireland but would be home in Chicago when they were getting married.

From the Bride... Like so many other brides, I had a strong sense of what I wanted in our big day and I wanted it to be our Best Day Ever. This phrase took on a life of its own and became part of all of our wedding stationery and our website name and even the sign we posted at the entrance to the estate so our guests could find us. It was also important to me to highlight our heritage, as we both have Irish ancestry and were getting married at an Irish country estate.

Family and dear friends came to play a very big role in our week leading up to the wedding. My paternal grandmother, with whom I was very close, collapsed the weekend before our wedding and ended up in a coma in the hospital. She passed away early Wednesday morning just days before our Saturday wedding. What could have been a total tragedy and loss ended up strengthening our bonds with each other and those we hold most dear. Everyone fought to give us the Best Day Ever in spite of the loss and the night-before wind storm that nearly collapsed the rental tent. Even my father, who was the most devastated of all, told me that he was "determined to have as much fun as possible," and ended up dancing shirtless with my groom until the end of the evening.

I am so thankful that I booked Christina's photography services, Le Cape's amazing videography skills, and the fabulous vendors who rallied to help us with grace and compassion. We were blessed with a wonderfully emotional and meaningful day from start to finish surrounded by everyone we love most in the world. I would advise all brides to hire the vendors you feel best about in your heart and hire a day-of coordinator if your venue doesn't provide one! Those are the people who will have your back when disaster strikes and help you pull off a wedding that leaves your guests stunned that anything terrible had even happened!