Evergreen Museum And Library Wedding
March 17, 2014
Mid Atlantic
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My all-time favorite weddings always land in the "classic" category. The formality and tradition, candlelight and romance get me every time, and thanks to Elle Ellinghaus Designs, I'm adding this beauty to the list. Captured in gorgeous fashion by MPA Productions and Love By Serena, the full gallery and film are two things you pretty-lovers can't afford to miss!
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From the Bride... From the moment we got engaged, and truth be told even before, I was obsessed with wedding blogs (especially SMP) I would scour them and ooogle at the beautiful weddings. My pinterest boards were so full of wedding ideas that I had people asking me if I gotten had engaged. When it came time to finally plan my real wedding I was sure that it would be a breeze, no sweat!

Well, after looking at more than 30+ venues and not feeling like I had found the right one, my fiance and mother gently suggested that it was time to get some professional help. In the form of a wedding planner. Thankfully, I found Elle Ellinghaus, wedding planner extraordinaire! She saved me from my confusion and helped me make my wedding dreams and pinterest boards a reality! It was priceless to wake up and be totally stress free on our wedding day knowing that it was all in capable hands.

Pat and I knew from the beginning that we wanted a wedding that was as easy as possible for our guests. My family is from the Washington, DC area and Pat's family is all in the New England area. Making the wedding accessible for those traveling was important to us. We finally settled on an amazing venue in Baltimore, The Evergreen Museum and Library. The large house, the beautiful garden and the cozy carriage house was everything I wanted in a venue. Growing up riding horses I loved that I got to have a little bit of horsie-ness in my wedding. The carriage house had the old beautiful stalls and our escort cards were tied to horse shoes that my mom and I had spray painted gold.

I also searched long and hard for the right photographer. Serena and Chad are so sweet, wonderful to work with, and as you can see, talented! I was so happy we decided to go with a first look before the ceremony. When I first I told my Mom that we were doing a first look, she was horrified and could not believe that we were going to see each other before the ceremony. It was with out a doubt one of the best decisions we made, just ask my mom, she is now the number one advocate for first looks! I love the photos that we got from it, and it was so special to have a moment just for the two of us. Seeing each other was such a relief and I was so excited to finally show him my dress! Being able to attend our cocktail hour was important to us, we wanted to squeeze out every possible ounce of time and fun with our guests!

We danced the night away at the reception to our amazing band Black Tie. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to have your closest family and friends all in the same place to celebrate your love! It made all the difficult decisions, planning and stressing before worth every second of it. We would do it all over again a million times.