Classic Flathead Lake Montana Wedding
March 14, 2014
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We are ending the week with the prettiest of bangs thanks to this gorgeous Montana wedding. And it's an entirely new level of pretty. The kind that makes you want plan a wedding redo (to the same person, of course) ASAP. It's all captured so beautifully by Rebecca Hollis Photography I could cry, and the entire pretty-fest is waiting for you right here.
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From the Bride....I had known for quite a few years that I'm completely obsessed with weddings. I love fashion, styling, space layout, floral design, being organized and planning our wedding seemed to come very naturally. When the day came and Tom proposed, I was so excited to start executing the details that had been dancing around in my head!

I traveled to Seattle for a dress-shopping trip with my sister, mom, and soon-to-be sister-in-law. I absolutely fell in love with my dress and it set the tone for the rest of the wedding. The dress had a vintage feel, while still being chic. It was intricate while still being simple. I wanted the wedding style to be tasteful and simple, while still lush and bountiful, like the dress.

I collected glass containers from thrift stores and made vintage pedestal bowls that would serve as the centerpieces. We kept it simple and used mostly greens like eucalyptus, buplereum, and hypericum berries mixed with fresh fruits like grapes and plums. I made paper cones for rice tossing out of pages from The Great Gatsby. My sister’s fiance built us an alter using wood from my father’s property in Montana, and surprised us with a small metal plaque on the back that said our names and wedding date. The hand-made touches made it special, and reflected us.

My dad strung hundreds of bistro lights above the dinner tables and dance floor and it was my absolute favorite piece of décor. It added such a nice glow and created the most wonderful ambiance to dance the night away in! Such a simple piece of the décor that added so much!

The morning of the wedding was a dream. The girls had a morning yoga and swim session on the dock while the boys played Frisbee in their swimsuits at Tommy’s parents cabin. My sister was so attentive to me the entire day, and made me feel at ease. She always knew what to say to calm me and make me laugh.My grandmother brought a very special bracelet of hers for me to wear with blue sapphires, diamonds, and silver filigree. She and my grandfather have been married for 60 years and it was so special having it around my wrist on our wedding day.

I’ll never forget the walk down the stone steps towards Tommy. It was so intense and emotional. After our vows, we scurried away for photos and returned back to the reception via boat! It will be one of my most cherished memories riding the boat with my new husband, best friends, and new family members surrounding us.

Our family style dinner was casual and even with 180 people, the dinner felt close and intimate because we positioned the tables close together. Surrounded by all of the love of our friends and family, filled with the words of our siblings and their wonderful speeches. We were so emotional as they presented us with such beautiful words and quotes.

We danced our first dance to Ellie Goulding, “You’re Song” and were joined shortly after by our friends and family on the dance floor for the ultimate dance party under the lights and stars! Tommy made it a point to grab me close and kiss me constantly. We were hand-in-hand almost the entire night, which I loved!As the night came to a close, we hopped on Tommy’s scooter and jetted up off into the distance! We were overwhelmed with joy and in awe of an evening that was pure love.