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I’ve worn a lot of bridesmaid dresses in my day (believe you me), but none as awesome as the Signature Sakura Convertible Bridesmaid Dress from Henkaa.  I mean, this is a dress that makes you want to travel back in time and beg your bestie to let you rock one of the chicest, most comfortable and most body-friendly dresses you will ever lay your eyes upon.  They’re that good, people.  Just take a look below.

From Henkaa… Henkaa means “change” in Japanese, so each and every garment we feature is convertible and can be worn in multiple ways.

Our Signature Sakura Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Collection features just one dress, that comes in two sizes, three lengths and 24 stunning colors. So Brides can feel comfortable picking their color and length, then letting each bridesmaid choose a style that suits their own body type or comfort. Since our dresses are ready to wear, they ship out quickly, no alterations are necessary, and are easy to order or return. The Sakura Mini Convertible Dress even fits on flower girls and junior bridesmaids!

Henkaa offers a full line of jewelry and accessories that can be worn with the dresses as well. From matching chiffon overlays or brooches to make your bridesmaids stand out, to ties and pocket squares for matching Groomsmen, we have an infinite number of styling options to create your picture perfect wedding.

Happy Bridesmaids, Happy Bride!


Convertible Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Henkaa | Photography: Yaisa Tangwell Photography + Todd Frame Photography + Tara McMullen + T&S Hughes Photography + Scarlett O’Neill Photography + Leon Chai Photography + Kamp Photography


Welcome to the family, Henkaa!  We are so happy to have you! xo