SMP Canada Welcomes Our Advertisers!
February 15, 2014
Here at SMP, we know there's nothing more important than finding just the right person to tell you story. Finding the photographer who can make you feel at ease, all while capturing every moment of your very special day. And it's those rare artists like The Bluprint Photography who completely and totally deliver. Just take a peek at their lovely work below!
From The Bluprint Photography... We are a small boutique style wedding photography company. We have had the honour of learning from the most influential, photographers in the world. Bluprint was started 5 years ago with only one thing in mind. Quality. We only photography 15 weddings a year. So you have all of our attention. All our products are custom designed, hand made and hundreds of hours scouring over all details. Because you're wedding day should be nothing but flawless and absolutely perfect.


Warmest welcome to the SMP family, Bluprint! xoxo