School Themed Valentine's Day Shoot
February 14, 2014
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Oh, young love.  The days of Jr. High dances, passing notes and singing along earnestly to the newest Bryan Adams' love song... I think we can all agree, Valentine's Day was sooo awesome back then.  So this darling school-themed shoot from Jody SavageCocoa & FigSimply Loves and Paperista is, well... basically the best thing ever.  See it all right here.
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From Jody Savage Photography... My stylist Shauna from Simply Loves and I wanted to design a shoot around the upcoming Valentine's Day. We got to thinking about young love and when we were in school and received cute valentines from the boys we had crushes on and the idea for the shoot was born- centered around young, hopeful, innocent love.

We incorporated paper Valentine bags like when we were kids, but brought a sophisticated modern twist to it with the help of stationary extraordinaire Paperista. Overall we were going for a muted, romantic palate, not just the typical red or pink. We loved the light blue wedding gown Morgan was wearing and highlighted it with the invites and French ribbon on the table. Brent's suit brought in the colors and textures in the invitations, flowers and ribbon.

We also wanted to bring in a bit of fun with the school theme by bringing in a chalkboard, desk, and globes. However, we played up the Valentine's theme by adding a lovely backdrop of ribbon and bunting to reminisce about the school yard pretend marriages we had during recess- again with a sophisticated, romantic twist. We added chocolate hearts and tulips to surprise our lovely bride like many receive on Valentine's Day from their loves.

Finally our table was just gorgeous and tied it in all together with the chalkboard slate table top, valentines bags on each place setting, chalkboard designs and beautiful flowers by the very talented Ashley Fox Designs.

And to top it all off Cocoa & Fig provided us with a number of different yummy desserts including macaroons, heart shaped pies, sugar cookies and a lovely icy white cake to go with our winter in Minnesota.