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Boudoir Session 101 with Lacie Hansen
February 14, 2014
I'm just going to come right out and say it - I've always found boudoir sessions a tad bit intimidating. Just the thought of stripping down to my skivvies with a camera in the room is enough to send me running the other way. But then I see photographs like Lacie Hansen's and I rethink everything. The way she captures natural beauty is awe-inspiring, and she's here on this Valentine's Day to demystify the process.
Style Me Pretty: Can you explain the idea behind your boudoir sessions?

Lacie Hansen: I believe every woman has beauty hidden within her; Team Hair & Makeup and I joined up to do these boudoir sessions together called Hidden. Our goal with these hidden sessions is to bring out the beauty of being a woman by creating a soft, feminine and organic look. We create this through my ethereal imagery and Team's natural beauty approach.
SMP: What advice would you give to women who may be too intimated to book a session?

LH: As a woman myself, I understand being a little self-consciousness and wanting to look great in front of the camera. We take this into account when working with each and every woman. When I'm behind the camera I look for each woman's hidden beauty and best features! My personal goal is that every woman leaves the session feeling more beautiful and when she sees the images for the first time, her confidence goes up a notch!
SMP: What’s your photographic approach when it comes to boudoir?

LH: My approach is very natural and carefree! It is important that my client feels comfortable and also has fun in every session.
SMP: Why should women consider doing a boudoir shoot as a bride, mom-to-be, or just because?

LH: I think capturing these different stages of your life is incredibly important. This gives you a certain time to look back on years from now and remember that exact moment you were in right before your wedding day, having your child, or just because!
SMP: Any outfit or accessory tips?

LH: Simple and natural! You really don't need too much. KIS ( keep it simple!)
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SMP: #1 way for women to bring out their inner bombshell?

LH: Let me photograph you and show you your beauty from a different perspective!