How to Choose Wedding Flowers with Devon Rachel
February 12, 2014
Hello there, Pretty Brides! It’s Devon from Devon Rachel and I’m back again to talk TBD (aka: The Big Day). We have so many small details to put into place before I can walk my Valentino heels (yep, gave that one away) down my wedding runway, but I’m starting to feel like everything will fall into place like they say.
Don’t give me too much credit, though. There have been tears in stressful times when I couldn’t make a decision, or worried the décor wouldn’t look 100% perfect (hello crazy). I constantly have to take a step back and de-Bridezilla myself. Just being honest!
One of the important, stressful and expensive steps in my planning process has been nailing the flowers for my big day. I come from a family of florists, so I was armed with a few key tips, but believe it or not, that didn’t really make my process easier. In the beginning, I thought I wanted all bright pink flowers and green—lots of green. That quickly changed once I fell in love with the Anemone and the endless combinations they present for arrangements. Things are much lighter now, and I think we’ve hit the nail on the head for TBD, but you’ll have to wait and see!
Because I had such a difficult time with figuring out what flowers to go with on my big day, I wanted to share an informative lesson I learned from one of my favorite florists, Celadon & Celery.We started this little DIY flower lesson by understanding some key tips from Bess.
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1. STYLE: First and foremost, nail down the style you're aiming for. Are you looking for a more tight and traditional? Or do you want to push the limits with a funky, cascading and wild bouquet?

2. SEASON: Let the season of your wedding decide your colors and flowers. This is something my florist uncle has always told me. It’s hard (and expensive) to get peonies in October, so if that’s your favorite flower and you’ll die if it isn’t in your wedding, consider the dates first!

3. LAYER: To create your own arrangement, start by creating the middle first using the spiral method. This means layering the flowers in a spiral motion. Then you can create layers with the following flowers. We used anemones, ranunculus, garden roses and poppies. We also added greens to the base for a more organic look.

Are you inspired to start arranging? I hope this helped make your big floral decision easier, and heck, maybe some of you will do your own and save some major bucks! Stay tuned for more of my posts over here on SMP leading up to my big day. You can also check out my blog, Devon Rachel, for more on my big day!