DIY Greenwood Hills Country Club Wedding
February 12, 2014
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I stand in constant awe of the brides that parade through our pages every single day. They're crafters and dreamers who plan the most beautiful affairs you have to stop and remind yourself they're real. I'm talking brides just like this Wisconsin beauty who DIYed her way to the perfect Midwest wedding. She left no detail untouched and we've got the full gallery from The McCartneys right here.

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From the Bride... We really wanted to incorporate who we were as people and as a couple. Our history, interests and memories. We wanted our guests to arrive and see elements that were not just pretty but meaningful. We felt that if we were going to put effort into decorating, we needed it to say something. We each, of course had our own hobbies and interests that we wanted to be present, but the whole idea was mutual. Jodi, really wanted a twinkle light, romantic atmosphere. Having the wedding at Greenwood Hills under a tent made that dream happen as well!

Our vision or theme was "the story of us." We also wanted it to be rustic, soft and vintage. So we wanted to intertwine both of those. We had a lady named Janis Vandermeer really help our vision come to life. Jodi sat down with her and told her she wanted our story to be told. Janis and Jodi came up with the idea of having different interests, hobbies or memories on each table. We came up with the list of tables, and the hunt was on to find items that would go, however we wanted to keep in mind our vintage twist.

We initially wanted to reception to be at Jodi's farm, in her barn, because that would totally go along with our theme, but so many factors turned us away, but we really wanted to find a venue that had the same atmosphere. An atmosphere that felt welcoming, natural but yet a blank palette for us to decorate. What better space than outdoors.

We were very limited to our options, but honestly we were glad. Greenwood Hills was our perfect place. Being on a hill, out on the greens with a tent up, we could not ask for a better setting. We could decorate as we wished and have the outdoors still be in sight! This setting created such a welcoming natural feel, it was perfect for the style we wanted!

DIY Elements: The chalkboard centerpieces: Cut by Jodi's dad, sanded by Brent and painted by Jodi. The seating plan sign at the ceremony: Pieces of wood given by Jodi's cousin. Hammered together by Jodi's dad and painted by Jodi. Gift tag name tags: Tags were bought on Etsy, then spray painted with chalk board paint and strung with twine from Michaels. All by Jodi. Cake Topper: Made by Jodi. Started with clothes pins, and wooden balls from Michaels. Jodi had to sand down the tops of the clothes pins for the wooden balls to fit on top. Jodi then use lace ribbon from Michaels for the dress and an old t-shirt sleeve for the tux. She painted the faces and added final details from items bought at Michaels. Quilt Squares: Brent's mom cut every quilt square and intends to sow them all together to make a quilt for Brent and Jodi.

Advice to other brides: This is cliche, but it must be said again, you are given your full engagement to prepare for your wedding, don't sweat the small stuff, and when the day arrives, let it all go, whatever happens will happen, embrace it, it will all be part of the memory. It goes way to fast to worry.

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