Modern Wedding at The Art Gallery Of Calgary
February 10, 2014
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This darling bride describes her wedding in one word: FUN.  And honestly?  I could not agree more. Because anytime you combine two crazy cool people like this adorable duo with awesome friends and family in a drop-dead gorgeous art gallery setting, that's exactly what's going to happen... fun and then some.  See it all captured by Tara Whittaker right here.
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From the Bride... FUN was the word of the day for our wedding. The whole idea behind our wedding was to throw a really good party where we just happened to also be getting married. The plan was to keep the boring “wedding” parts short, and get right down to the party. As it turns out though, everything about the day, from getting ready with our wedding party, to the photos, to the dance party afterwards - even the boring ceremony part – all turned out to be a ton of fun. There was just such a wonderful celebratory vibe all around us. We both agree, our favorite part about the day was having all our favorite people with us in the same place, at the same time to celebrate. When else do you ever get to do that? We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

My favorite DIY was the jam jar favours. I spent an entire August long weekend making and canning strawberry rhubarb & ginger jam and completely destroying the kitchen in the process. I’m pretty sure our kitchen is still sticky from it! I had a bunch of décor DIYs planned just in case we needed to spruce up the gallery space. It’s a bit of a risk with an art gallery as a venue, because you may not know exactly what’s going to be on exhibit at the time when you’re booking. As soon as I saw the space with the incredible paintings by M. Eileen Murray on display though, all those went out the window, the space was so stunning on its own!

There isn’t anything we would have done differently. The day was perfect. We had an amazing team of people working with us (Kari, Tara & Darren, Blair, AGC staff, Infuse, Sue, Lucy), and it would not have been the incredible experience that it was without them!