Hood River Orchard Wedding
February 10, 2014
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I think we can all agree that whenever a wedding pro ties the knot, the bar is set a tad bit higher. We brace ourselves for something extra beautiful to unfold, and that's precisely what happened when this floral designer-turned-bride said "I do." She elevated homespun love to a whole other level, and we've got the full gallery of Zoe Lonergan's captures just waiting to be swooned.
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From the Bride... As a florist who has spent many years working in the wedding industry, the most important insight I had in planning my own wedding was that I wanted it to feel, and truly be, homespun. I wanted it to be beautiful and classic, but also warm and welcoming. I wanted to have the freedom to create a timeline free of venue restrictions, and allow the party to last into the night. I wanted to do most of the work myself, getting the people I love involved in the process.

For all these reasons and more, my husband and I decided to get married on my family farm, an apple orchard outside of Hood River, Oregon, with stunning views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams and the surrounding rolling green hills and big, blue sky.

My husband said that the first time he visited the farm with me, he knew that we would one day be married there—it was the perfect, most romantic setting, and I am so grateful that we get to return to it often and that it will be in our family for many generations to come.

To me, nothing feels more like summertime bliss than fragrant peach and butter-toned garden roses, a perfectly sunset-colored dahlia, tree-ripened cherries from the farm, old silver teapots and pitchers, trailing ribbons, depression-era glass votives, old wooden fruit crates, Pimms cups, family-style meals, strawberry cake, and abundant, wildly arranged flowers. As we were married, the bees buzzed all around the bouquets and the sunflowers that my father, sisters, and I had planted all stood to salute us—it was heavenly.

I think the one element that set our wedding apart from others was the wedding camp we created in the barn and surrounding meadow and orchards. Because all of our guests would be traveling from out-of-state, we wanted to create a gathering place where people could come enjoy the farm and actually stay on the land. We transformed the second story of the barn into a dressing room, installed makeshift showers in a farm out-building, brought in teepees for daytime lounging, and made sure there was plenty of good music and beer.

Because everyone was at the wedding site all weekend, we had no trouble getting our friends and family involved in the work required to pull the whole thing off. Not to mention our photographer, officiant, ceremony musician, and florists were all close friends. Pete and I wrote our own vows and much of the ceremony. Every part of the weekend felt intensely personal, and I can imagine no happier feeling than watching all of my friends and family come together to throw us the most beautiful and perfect wedding imaginable.