Steam Whistle Brewery Wedding
February 6, 2014
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Admittedly, my husband is probably the biggest craft beer nerd you'll ever meet. So a wedding held at Toronto's Steam Whistle Brewery - well, it'd be right up his alley. And with photos from Root Photography and a film by Bright Sky Wedding Designs, you can see every whimsy-filled moment from beginning to end. Get started right here!
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From the Bride... From the moment Jesse and I met, there was a spark no one could deny, except maybe the two of us. We met in college where I was Jesse's fraternity sweetheart. Life took us down separate avenues, but then about 10 years later we finally got up the courage to tell each other we enjoyed everything about one another. From then on life has been a whirlwind of fun, filled with travels and laughter.

Family and friends have always been an important element throughout both of our lives. When Jesse was planning to propose, he knew it was important to have our parents to witness. Jesse's mom and step dad and my mom and dad traveled to Barcelona, Spain for a family trip. Jesse had great plans for an elaborate proposal, but all continued to fail so it started to become comical. First he was going to surprise me with my dog in Spain, but due to many shots he would have to get he realized it would be too hard to slip it by me. He then planned to propose on the top of a mountain then take a gondola to a restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. This was working perfectly until my parents went to the wrong gondola! On the last day of the trip he knew he just had to find an opportunity so while walking on the pier talking about how fun it is to travel together, Jesse got down on bended knee and proposed!

When we got engaged, we both wanted to not only give our guests a fantastic experience, but also in a convenient yet creative location. Some of my family lives in and around Toronto. Jesse's family and their friends had not been to Toronto before. They admire Toronto and all it has to offer so this was the perfect location to show off the town!

Being from the wedding industry, I wanted to set my wedding apart from the rest. This was done in all of the many details which Lustre Events helped concoct. First, they started with a non traditional theme of "Come to the awesome party . . . oh yeah, and Jen and Jesse will be getting married". This set the tone for the festivities to come with vibrant yellow and royal blue with grey undertones, and chevron! Toronto is lively with a great love of beer which we share so what better location than a brewery. Steam Whistle Brewery had the elements of a rustic modern space with a great backdrop of iconic images of the city.

Throughout several trips to Toronto during the planning process, Jesse and I let the vendors take control and get creative. From the food, music, setting, and personal elements each meeting was fun and delightful. All vendors stepped up to the plate to show their creativity.

Guests were welcomed with fun directional signage and passed lemonade to cool down on a hot summer day. The ceremony had traditional elements, but with a little twist. We dedicated ourselves to each other, but then the guests were asked to dedicate themselves to us. Also, instead of a sand ceremony or a unity candle, the wedding ceremony included a beer opening. A waiter walked down the aisle with a tray of two beer bottles, two bottle openers my brother had engraved, and one glass. We opened our own bottles then poured into one glass then shared a cheers! As a celebration for the first kiss, the bridal party held up celebratory signage such as "Hooray", "Love It", "Kiss her" and "Finally".

The guests were then escorted into the gallery where they were welcomed with a Steam Whislte Beer and creative hors d' oeuvres such as fish tacos and margarita shooters, chicken and waffles, soft pretzels & beer (Steam Whistle, of course), and so much more deliciousness. They were able to play games such as life size jenga and ladder golf. The main doors opened up to beautiful long tables with chevron yellow and white runners on grey linens with a mix of wooden boxes with lush arrangements and tall greenery. Scattered throughout the remainder of the tables were small bottles with matching single blooms.

Once dinner and dancing started our guests danced around to the Hora then ate a delicious dinner. For dessert there was not only wedding cake in red velvet and funfetti flavors, but also a creative ice cream sundae bar with toppings themed to our sweet favorites. As if the guests did not have enough food as of yet, we also had a late night snack of the popular Canadian treat of poutine - french fries, gravy and cheese curds! We danced away the night to great tunes, beautiful decor and now we have the most fantastic photos and video to document each moment! Our wedding was everything we wanted plus much, much, more!!