Colorado Anniversary Session
February 6, 2014
Do you want to know the one and only downfall of my job? It's anniversary session envy. I mean, just look at how cute these two are? It makes me want to grab my hubby, call Rachel Havel and book a session ASAP. Because who wouldn't want images like these hanging on their walls? See even more here.
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From Rachel Havel...I am so excited about this session. It's just a beautiful, warm, & natural anniversary session. This couple just celebrated one year & I took them out for some photos on a warm winter's day.

My favorite part though, was that they agreed to play along in a little first year anniversary questionnaire. I'd love to share their answers with your readers. I think they'd have a lot of fun with it.

1. What’s your favorite or funniest memory of your first year together?

He said: Not necessarily my favorite moment, but definitely one of the funniest. We were arguing with each other, and what better way to have an argument than in the shower together. I was pretty mad so I didn’t even want to touch her while letting her pass me that I leaned so far out that I lost my balance and fell completely out of the shower, bringing down the curtains and everything. Humiliating, but really funny. It fixed our fight too. Gaby couldn’t stop laughing.

She said: Favorite Memory: We thought it was so fun to move our mattress out of our bedroom and into the living room in front of the tv and fall asleep to movies… we could do anything we wanted because it was Our home and Our stuff. :)

Funniest: Well… one day Mitch and I were in a fight, a fight in the shower of all places ha, and we weren’t really speaking to each other. So as we were switching spots Mitch moved so far back, as to not touch me cause he was so frustrated, and slipped and fell backwards out of the shower taking down the shower curtain with and on top of him! I couldn’t stop laughing and the fight ended immediately.

2. What’s your favorite new quirk you’ve found in your spouse this first year?

He said: Gaby really isn’t a quirky person, but maybe the quirkiest thing about her is her OCD. She has a certain way things must look all the time, for example, in the apartment if I move something and don’t return it exactly how it should be, she goes and fixes it. Also, in her daily routines like brushing her teeth, making coffee, etc she has a very specific way in doing them, that if interfered with, the entire universe may become unaligned.:-)

She said: I can’t think of a quirk necessarily, but something I do love about him is that whenever I have to leave for work before he does, he moves over to my side of the bed and sleeps on my pillow:)cutie!

3. What have you learned from your spouse this year?

He said: Something that I’ve learned from Gaby is how selfish I really am. She is so unselfish, always thinking of me first and putting me before herself. It has shown me how selfish of a person I can be and helped me to work on putting her needs, wants, and desires before my own.

She said: Mitch has taught me to not take things so personally. I am a very sensitive girl and take everything to heart. He has taught me that it’s okay to feel but not to let every single thing he says to bruise my heart; because he is never intentionally trying to be hurtful. He has also helped me realize that I have great potential, in a carer, in friendships, in life.. I have something worth sharing.

4. Who steals the covers/takes up the whole bed at night?

He said: Neither one of us really hog the bed or steal the covers, but she likes to be really close while sleeping and i like a little more room. So what happens is I’ll sleep on my side, and she’ll slowly creep over and I’ll gradually move away a little bit. This repeats itself till I’m hanging off the edge of the bed and Gaby is right there next to me and we are using about 10% of the space of the bed, while the other 90% is completely open and unused.

She said: True Confessions: I am a cover stealer! No doubt Mitch said that too lol. I get cold and want to be wrapped in covers on all sides of my body, really I’m helping him out because he’s a furnace. And as far as who takes up more of the bed… again guilty. See I just want to be really close and snuggle up next to Mitch, so I will vacate my side to take up residence on Mitch’s side of the bed. I’m a cuddler. :)

5. Any advice you’d offer to other soon to be married couples or newlyweds?

He said: Advice I would give to other newlyweds or soon to be is that in your first year of marriage, no matter what you think you know about your spouse, there are so many new things you will learn about them. So in discovering these new qualities about your spouse one of the best things to have is grace because it’s not always easy when two people are discovering how to handle each other and live under the same roof for the first time. Also it’s always helpful if you can learn how to resolve conflict. First year of marriages aren’t that hard and aren’t always what people make them out to be, but there are arguments and at the end of the day you have to still be with that person. So having grace, but figuring out the most effective way to resolve conflict is huge (just slip and fall out of the shower, it works every time).

She said: I’ve learned that we speak love quite differently, we learn new things about each other everyday, and we carry different views on what marriage looks like, and that is all okay. But the key is to communicate, communicate, communicate in every one of those areas and voice how you are feeling. It is better to speak up as soon as the issue presents itself, then to let time, hurt feelings, or resentment continue far beyond what is healthy.