Nautical Montauk Wedding at Gurney's Resort & Spa
February 5, 2014
Tri State
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A classic wedding with just a touch of nautical pretty... this, loves, is how you really kick off a Wednesday morning.  It's lush, pink blooms from Hamptons Weddings & Events meets yummy snacks from Dreesen's Doughnuts meets one magical image after another captured by Alison Conklin Photography, and it's all set against the stunning Gurney's Resort & Spa.  How awesome is that?  Click here for more.
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From the Bride... I still fight back tears and thoughts of my wedding day, even through my honeymoon. I know it's close enough that it's still a conversation piece, but the longing felt by friends and family for even the chance to hear the ocean roar one more time is a conversation I hear every day.

I am thankful to have pictures of me in my mom's stomach when she and my father were building our house on the land in Hither Hills Montauk that they bought in 1985, at a humble 30 years old. I am even more thankful to look at Alison Conklin's photos of my husband and I now, me a glowing bride, gushing over how beautiful a celebration July 20, 2013 truly was -- and at how handsome of a husband I have! Growing up I spent summer after summer in Montauk taking art and sailing lessons, training to be a junior lifeguard at Indian Hills Beach, and taking second to last place in the Hampton Classic. An only girl between my three brothers, I honestly never dreamt of my wedding gown or flowers because this type of talk wasn't present in my parents' home. I did, however, dream of a celebration of love over a weekend in Montauk because I knew it was a special place as so many young adults are finding it to be in more recent years -- to my family's dismay. You see we are not locals out there, but we'd like to think we are --locals would call us "seasonals" -- despite my brother's opinion. Montauk used to be a place people would ask me to repeat "did you say 'Monnn-talk'?" because they never fathomed fighting the traffic to discover such place otherwise known as 'The End." Montauk is the ultimate destination, and our wedding was a celebration Carl Fisher would have tipped his hat too on 7/20, overlooking the ocean on the decks of Gurney's Inn.

Our celebration weekend started with a cocktail infused BBQ at my parents' home on Holly Street. That Friday the 19th, our rehearsal night, we toasted the night away with a cool breeze off the boats docked at the Montauk Yacht Club. My parents' home sits only a half a mile away from Ralph Lauren's palatial estate which happens to kiss the edge of Gurney's Inn on it's port side. I frequented Gurney's Inn growing up because it is a place that welcomes you in. I can't say that it’s welcoming existence will last forever considering the owners have just been bought out by a NJ developer rumored to have visions of cabanas and bottle service similar to the happenings of Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's. What made our day unlike any other is that through our DIY attempts, it represents the plunge towards posh that Gurney's hesitantly is about to take.

The weddings at Gurney's before ours were smothered in seashells and starfish, lighthouses and lobster pots because I think that is what most brides want from a seaside wedding. I explained to Ginny, John, and Phyllis in the Banquet Department at Gurney's that if I happened to see one ounce of sand or model seagull on my escort table or cake, I may turn as red as a lobster. With the extreme patience of our vendors - Hampton's Weddings and Events -- Alejandra (florist), Party Rental Ltd's Pat (chairs and cloth napkins), La Tavola (ivory sequin table linens), RSVP-to-Me's Kelly Samm Adams (Invitations), Diva Gone Domestic (escort cards/table numbers) I spent the entire year second guessing my own decisions! Without their help, and the help of my family and Andrew, I probably never would have made one decision! I was inspired by vintage romance and honestly the Little Mermaid. I have reddish hair similar to Arial which is the look I was going for when I picked out my gown and accessories. The image cover on Well Wed - Hamptons -- No. 7 Spring and Summer 2007 magazine was my first inspiration. I obviously used Pinterest and nautical inspiration from Style Me Pretty to DIY the wedding myself. I think what is so inspiring about our wedding is the unique, romantic, nautical details and the almost Gatsby naivety about us in pictures. My dad's vintage 1955 Volkswagen Beetle was a hit and made for a special moment for him and I before the ceremony and obviously looked adorable in pictures! My one color inspiration was the Dusty Miller plant. I use it to describe green tones all the time and people always look at me like I'm nuts. I built the rest of my color palette (navy, blush, champagne) around Dusty Miller because I love it's soft furry delicate influence! Another favorite of mine was the ivory sequin table linens all the way from La Tavola in Napa, CA (NYC location coming this fall I believe -- a little too late for me). Once I tested them out with my mom in the reception hall of Gurney's I initially thought, "Too sweet 16?" but once I saw them with the mercury glass and our color palette I felt an almost underwater coral feel when the light hit them at the right angle. I knew I had to have them!

I think what I was most proud of was the positive reaction of my vendors, family and friends when they saw how much detail and thought Andrew and I put into the wedding without the help of a planner, which my vendors might be used to in the Hamptons. A couple of the Sicilian guests (who we were beyond thankful were in attendance) shared these compliments with us, " you have shown me that there is still hope and inspiration among our younger generations -- your love is a reminder to all that life can not be taken for granted. I am forever inspired." Andrew and I were married through our own vows which you don't often see anymore because I think brides often lose sight of their relationship and the celebration of love that is expected to be everlasting. You can feel it through our photos, that Alison Conklin so candidly documented, that Andrew and I have an old-fashion love and appreciation for one another that was so intimately celebrated on 7/20. I can't thank our families, friends, and vendors enough. Throughout the process we had the support of the most talented and down to earth vendors because we took the time to get to know them and find out what a perfect match they were for us! We can't thank the Banquet and Spa Departments at Gurney's as well as Alejandra at Hampton’s Weddings and Events enough for their confidence, support, and relentless smiling! We are most thankful to Alison and Geoff Conklin for their grounded and calm influence throughout the entire weekend. We can't believe how great you both made us look! You are both truly gifted.
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