DIY Eco-Friendly Burnaby Rowing Club Wedding
February 3, 2014
North America
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When a DIY wedding is done right, it's good. And this one is great. You can feel the love the couple put into their big day, and see the beauty in every single detail. This wedding from Love Tree Photography is my favorite kind of wedding - beautiful, heartwarming, and fun.
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From the beautiful bride... It was hard to find a ceremony location that fit our vision. We wanted something outdoors, obviously as that's our favourite place to be. We had hoped to be near water, but also near the forest. I think we hit the jackpot by choosing our location because not only does it happen to be one of our go-to places to hike, it incorporated all our favourite things! We were surrounded by nature and I couldn't have imagined getting married any where else.

We wanted an outdoorsy and laid back theme to our wedding because that's the kind of people we are. We did almost everything ourselves, and bought most of our decor from various people on craigslist, or found things for free. We love being in the forest, so obviously we wanted to use that as the inspiration for our theme. We kept it very natural by using lots of wood and glass. We tied in our love of camping into the theme by actually "tying the knot" out of rope, having lanterns light our isles, and my favourite detail would have to be our old rusty saw that Jeff painted "Mr & Mrs" onto.

I am more than satisfied with our day. Yes, it was a lot of work to have a DIY wedding, but we had so many people pitch in to help out it was really a group effort. Every moment was honestly the best part of my day, it was absolutely perfect. If I had to pick one moment it would be something that had been completely out of my control. During the ceremony we had a bald eagle flying overhead. Now that may not seem like much to some, but to us eagles represent those who have passed on, and having that eagle show up felt like a message from our loved ones that they were there with us.