Figs & Gold Wedding Inspiration
January 30, 2014
United States
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Don't get me wrong, I love a good pastel wedding. Like really love. But I also have a big ol' place in my heart for those dark, romantic hues that seem to be quietly on the rise. I'm talking hues like the deep raspberry red that takes center stage in this inspiration shoot from ART IS FOR LOVERSWINK! Weddings, and Seed Floral Couture. It's bursting with rich colored goodness and there's much more right here!
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From ART IS FOR LOVERS... WINK! Weddings teamed up with the floral creative wondermakers at Seed Floral to create a luxurious yet rustic romantic shoot inspired by figs and all the deep purple-blacks accented by the sexy pink fig interior and gold tones.

The rich purple figs are exotic and represent royalty, nobility, mystery and wisdom. Purple is eye catching. The deep blackberry blues are associated with thought, spirituality and peace. The delicate pink is cool, feminine and affectionate. The greens are associated with health, renewal, nature and abundance.

The perfect setting at Pasadena's Historic Castle, The Castle Green. One of Pasadena’s most unique buildings, the Castle Green opened in 1899 and was a lavish resort for easterners and others escaping winter rigors.
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