Rustic Wedding at Historic Cedarwood
January 28, 2014
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When two New Yorkers opt for a destination wedding down South, lovely things happen. But add Kristyn HoganCedarwood Weddings and FocalPoint Cinema to the pretty little mix, and you've got an affair that's blog-worthy in every. single. way. From an al fresco barbecue feast to the post-wedding bonfire, this is exactly the kind of day we'd not-so-secretly loooove to be a guest at.
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From Cedarwood Weddings... Robin and Mark reside in New York City and despite their power jobs (business development with Google for instance) they insist their personal style is low-key and light-hearted. Robin and Mark wanted a 'slower than New York' pace for their wedding, and decided a destination wedding in Nashville was just the ticket. Robin says she and Mark chose Cedarwood because it offered a beautiful setting and relaxed style close to downtown Nashville, so guests could head out to the Honkey Tonks afterward.

Wedding attire was casually elegant with bridesmaids dressing in their favorite color and groomsmen selecting different pastel colored ties. Inspired by the natural beauty of Cedarwood's historic farm, Robin chose neutral tones and soft colors to enhance our restored farm-house, old barn and meadow. Rustic rustic wood farm tables paired with vintage crocks, old books and burlap grain sacks created the country chic style Robin and Mark wanted. Unexpected touches throughout the property, an alfresco barbecue feast and bonfire enhanced the overall southern ambiance.

Robin and Mark's ceremony was a unique tribute to their relationship. Robin shares, "Our wedding vows were very special to us, and we really wanted our ceremony to reflect our view of life which is to live happy and laugh a lot. Our officiant Caroline was Robin's childhood friend and the bulk of the ceremony centered around the reading of a light-hearted story focused on family and friends. Part of the story included a beer toast that was rather important to the plot of the story Caroline was reading. When that moment came and there was no stock at the altar, the Best Man ran to get the bottles of beer we had forgotten. In his haste, he forgot to get a bottle opener, so he opened the bottles of beer with his teeth. We felt pretty lucky to have a best man with that party trick up his sleeve in our wedding! The ceremony in Cedarwood's beautiful country meadow surrounded by love and laughter gave us the warm and playful ambiance we wanted.

Summing up their Cedarwood Country Chic Wedding, Robin and Mark describe the day as "an elegant evening in the Tennessee Countryside - stunning, vibrant, perfect.