Wedding Cake Ideas
January 24, 2014
If you frequent Living, you'll have already come across this sweet (literally) behind the scenes with The Sweet Side and this amazing meringue cookie recipe, so we figured it was only fitting to share a little behind the scenes of Kara's latest cakes a la Katie Parra Photography. I don't know about you, but my mouth will. not. stop. watering.
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From the photographer... I had the great pleasure of photographing The Sweet Side's 2014 cake collection last month and when I finished the shoot I was so darn excited I couldn't contain it! Kara the owner is so talented and I happen to know from experience that her cakes taste just as good as they look! Her collection will speak to so many types of brides. She covers the traditional, glamorous, and classic esthetic beautifully all while pushing the boundaries and introducing new and inspiring designs. Seattle Brides-Kara should be your go to gal for all things cakes and sweet bars!