HowAboutWe for Couples + Discount!
January 23, 2014
Tri State
It's a well known fact that wedding planning can be the most amazing — and the most stressful — time of your life. Sometimes you and your honey need to forget about linen colors and floral arrangements and have a fabulous date; just the two of you! Well let me introduce to you, HowAboutWe, the company that helps people fall, and stay, in love!
Starting as an online dating site, and since then expanding with HowAboutWe for Couples, this online service helps you and your partner fall in love all over again through wonderful dates + experiences! From cocktail tasting to dance lessons and even game nightsHowAboutWe gives you a break when it comes to planning an amazing outing. Totally free to sign up, members can browse the curated collection of local date experiences, choose the ones they like, and show up! Since the experiences are already planned for you, you and your honey get to simply sit back and enjoy each other! See a list of all the exciting dates right here.
It doesn't get much better than that, my dears! And with dates up to 75% off, HowAboutWe lets you and your partner have a wonderful time, without cutting into your wedding budget! Get this, my dears, when you sign up for HowAboutWe you'll get $50 off your first date! Discount valid until April 30, 2014Enjoy, lovelies! xo