Casual Paris Engagement Session
January 23, 2014
In my book, there's nothing better than an engagement sesh in the City of Lights. But add Katie Donnelly into the mix, and you better believe I'm smitten as can be. Refill that coffee and have a look for yourself in the full gallery right here!
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From Katie Donnelly... The first time I met K & B over a coffee in the Marais in Paris, I was instantly surrounded by their friendliness and love. K has the beautiful all American look with her stunning and enchanting smile while B has easy jokes, and an equally lovely smile. Needless to say, we clicked and I was BEYOND excited to be their engagement photographer.

2 weeks later on the morning of the engagement session we woke up to the perfect Parisian day after weeks of only rain. We had decided earlier that we weren't going to do the "classic" Paris engagement session with the landmarks but instead, have the city as the backdrop and the "Parisian" feel. In the end, the session was a total success and every time I look at their photos I can still feel the love and happiness that surrounds them.