Boho Wedding at the Carondelet House
January 23, 2014
United States
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Ask any wedding pro their favorite bridal trend of the moment, and you just can about guarantee a unanimous nod to the floral crown. It's the one accessory that's both trendy yet timeless, and if you ask me, a boho bride's best friend. Photo Kronology captured this LA bride rocking the look like nobodies business, amongst one gorgeous affair designed by Kristeen LaBrot Events. Have a peek right here!
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From the Bride... My perfect wedding vision was one that was small and intimate! I wanted our wedding to feel like a big family dinner. My husband's family came in from the East Coast, and mine came in from all over the world: Australia, Sweden, Paraguay, England & Hong Kong! It was the first time that most of them would be meeting each other, so I wanted all of our wedding guests to be people that played significant roles in our lives; I wanted everyone to mingle with everyone, knowing that these would all be people that they would see again in the years to come.

My first most memorable pre-wedding moment was first thing in the am, opening my eyes next to my husband-to-be (we're not super traditional), just looking and smiling at each other, getting super giddy... and he said to me "this is what it feels like to wake up on your wedding day."

Secretly, my other favorite moment was when my nephew #3 (of 6) arrived, and gave me a flower he had handpicked for me. This also happened to be the moment where he got to be the first person to kiss the bride!

My "official" most memorable moment was at the end of the night, sitting on top of the piano while my tipsy husband played, and a a big group of our friends and family stood around it, singing along like kids at summer camp (of course, Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" and Billy Joel's "Piano Man" were in the repertoire!)