Organic Santa Barbra Historical Museum Wedding Ideas
January 21, 2014
United States
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This inspiration shoot isn't filled with hundreds of Pin worthy details. It doesn't have four dresses or six pairs of shoes. What it does have is a beautiful simplicity I'd love to see played out in a real wedding. Julie Morgan Hair & Makeup made up the beautiful bride in a fresh, stunning way which only compliments the sweet design, and Antonio Crutchley captured it all in a beautiful gallery!
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From the photographer... There is nothing that excites us more than a bride and groom looking to get married at a venue that evokes romance in a historical setting. Santa Barbara, California is, as they say, an amazing place! Surrounded by an abundance of engaging vistas ranging from mountains to the sea, you will never run out of things to entertain you in this small, yet interesting city. As such, many couples often consider Santa Barbara for their wedding ceremony.

One particular venue in Santa Barbara that Paula and I have grown a fondness for is the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, a cultural landmark in Santa Barbara, California.

I know, I know, “Who would want to get married in a museum?” right? Well why not? Wouldn’t it just be awesome to one day tell your kids their parents got married in a museum in Santa Barbara?

There is just something so eerie yet remarkable about holding a wedding ceremony in a historical museum. For one, museums are poised for memories, charm, romance and spectacular presentations. They are interesting sites that simply make for a perfect choice of a venue especially for with a creative spirit.

As with our most recent experience shooting Ethan and Natalya at the historical museum; they were both a joy to work with in every aspect. Always finding something to laugh about together and as you can see we captured the most tender and soft moments of the day. The combination of love and history works so well at this venue.

Natalya wore a gown by Amy Jo Tatum Bridal, a Northern California designer. Having a vintage and Spanish touch combined with the subtle hue of the flowers from Cindy Sheridan could not have been more perfect for this romantic and timeless venue.

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum is located at 136 East De La Guerra Street, right near the city’s Courthouse Docent. It has been around since 1932 and through exhibitions, research, education and publications, has been interpreting 500 years worth of history with their vast collections from Spanish, Mexican, American and Chumash periods. The museum has two interconnected courtyards available for rent whether for corporate, individual or wedding receptions. Distinguished by an exotic, native landscaping, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum is the perfect venue for couples who want to evoke romance on a cultural landmark in the heart of Southern California.