Postable Address Collection + A Discount!
January 18, 2014
So much has changed in the world of planning a wedding since I said I do just a few years ago, and most notably? Postable. This game-changing site takes all the stress out of the dreaded tasks of address collecting and thank-you note writing! Really.
The Postable address collection tool does it all for you. You simply sign up and email your guests a personalized link where they enter their information into a quick and easy form. Once you have your addresses ready to go, Postable lets you export and print labels right from the site! Can you say amazing?! And get this — the cost? — FREE! Where was this ingenious site when I was a bride?!
So once your invitations are out and the gifts start rolling in, Postable is there to help once again! As we all know, the thank-you note writing can be totally daunting, but with Postable, you can type all of your thank you's on the website and they print, stuff, stamp and mail them directly to your guests! There are gorgeous font styles available, a few which truly look handwritten! With some seriously stunning cards designed by some of the stationery industry's best (we're talking Rifle Paper Co. and Felix Doolittle) all printed of luxe 100% recycled stock, using this amazing service is a total no-brainer. And it's totally affordable, too! For only around $2.00 per card + stamp, your note writing to-do list will take about half the time.

Take a peek at this video to see how it works!
Signing up for Postable is like hitting the wedding planning jackpot. It's that good. And today is your lucky day, my dears, because Postable is giving our readers 20% off your first order with coupon code SMP14! Pretty fabulous, if you ask me. Enjoy! xo