Twin Oaks Schoolhouse Wedding
January 15, 2014
United States
When you marry your high school sweetie, saying "I do" on the grounds of a charming old schoolhouse only makes sense. And that's exactly with this adorable duo did with Let's Frolic Together there to capture every DIYed moment along the way. Feast your eyes on all the pretty and there's lots more wedding whimsy in the full gallery right here!
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From Let's Frolic Together... Jane found me as a result of googling trees in San Diego. This is pretty much the best way I can imagine being found, and was so telling about all the magic that would come. These two stylish folks had amazing things in store for their gorgeous Twin Oaks wedding, and they most certainly didn’t disappoint. They spent ages creating an incredible event full of darling DIY delights.

Saby & Jane have a long and love-filled history. High school sweethearts, they could not have picked a more appropriate spot for their wedding—Twin Oaks is a charming century-old schoolhouse, full of vintage charm. We were surrounded by chalkboards and quaint loveliness and all sorts of vintage delights. But Saby & Jane have eclectic taste, so it was rad to see them bring together a variety of seemingly disparate elements and have it all add up to a wedding that was just so them. Modern bold invites, crafty DIY string art, vintage-romantic florals. Swoon.

Jane’s gorgeous tattoo reads, “Amour Absolu,” which translates loosely to "supreme” love. What a perfect sentiment for this dreamy, grand day. Her giddy bridesmaids all rallied around her and in a big reveal moment, I think there was a collective gasp when she turned around to face them, beaming. Sabino’s boys were up to no good from the get-go. They had wild imaginations and even wilder behaviors. The ridiculousness was outta control! Behind those dapper bowties and charming plaid shirts were some fierce and freaky dudes. It was awesome. They even were sure to include awesome Franklin, their ubercute pup, in their ceremony and photos. And what a ceremony it was. Surrounded by 125 of their favorite people, Saby and jane stood under a colorful sign that read true love, and dedicated the rest of their lives to loving each other. Magic.

The reception was so, so, so pretty. The pink and pale florals paired with succulents were oh-so romantic, the placesettings were charmingly sweet, and the playful and colorful details were all so delicious. But all this loveliness set the scene for the real dream: some seriously tear-jerking, hilarious speeches, and a sweetly heartfelt song. And the silliness! So much gloriously ridiculous behavior, and wild antics on the dance floor.

My favorite weddings always come down to letting loose. I love it when people let their hair down, and just have the very best time. It’s amazing when we stop worrying about being proper, and we just embrace being our silliest selves. This entire day was defined by intense amounts of fun and festivity. Does it get much better?