Red Horse Barn Wedding
January 15, 2014
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When vintage and rustic combine, awesome things happen.  Awesome things like this darling Red Horse Barn wedding, a day that is rich in love-filled moments and whimsical details aplenty.  Think burlap runners, bunting and an amazing Groundhog Day theme.  All captured in beautiful images by Honey Honey Photography, this, my friends, is the perfect way to spend your Wednesday.  Click here for more.

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From the Bride... I honestly never really envisioned what my wedding will be like. After Andrew proposed to me, I started drawing inspirations from wedding magazines, wedding blogs, and Pinterest. Choosing a date was rather difficult. We landed on 2.2.13 because Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday and it fell on a Saturday, which was perfect for us! Also, who doesn't love the movie?! From there, we knew we wanted to have an outdoors wedding with pretty lights and have a vintage feel to it.

We decided to go with a beautiful barn venue at the Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach, CA. Burlap goes really well with a barn wedding, so that was the fabric where we used most in our decor and designs. I broke up the rustic-ness with floral patterns and lace. My mother-in-law made our burlap runners for the reception tables and canned most of our homemade peach and strawberry jams. The fabrics that we used for the jam jars were from her collection of scrap fabrics from over 20 years ago! There were so many floral patterns that made each favor so unique. To finish off packaging the favors, I hole-punched floral pattern papers and then, stamped our monogram on the label and tied it together with yellow bakers twine. Family and friends helped me collect many mason jars for the wedding. I wrapped the jars with lace to give that romantic feel and placed tea light candles inside for the reception tables. They turned out so pretty! Shopping for our unity sand was a bit challenging. In the end, we found a much better alternative for the unity sand: dried lavender buds (donated to us by our friend!) and white rice. They were combined in a bigger mason jar during the ceremony and it smelled so good! Groundhogs were sure to make some appearance at our wedding. We had a lovely groundhog cake topper that was of a bride and groom. Also, we stamped the back of each escort card with an image of a groundhog.

The wedding turned out so beautiful with little sprinkles of rain.  (Since it was outdoors, I was definitely worried but thank goodness, it went away!) My wonderful sister-in-law, Hailey, was our day-of coordinator and she made our wedding vision come true! We also had many friends and family members help out during the wedding. Everything came together and the day was filled with so much love and laughter. My tips for the future brides are to definitely enjoy the day (because it really does go by fast!) and try not to stress out! Trust the vendors that you've hired because thats why theyre there. Happy wedding planning!