Los Angeles Wedding at the Park Plaza
January 13, 2014
United States
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Ballroom weddings like this one are undeniably gorgeous. It's simply dripping with pretty, from the Bride's stunning gown to the cascading florals - every single stunning image captured beautifully by Esther Sun Photography makes you want to stop and stay awhile, and you can do just that right here.
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From the Bride...Before I was engaged I heard there are 3 things you should never compromise on when planning your wedding: #1 Photographer, #2 a really good DJ, and #3 Open bar! It makes sense now in retrospect. I wanted a good photographer who would have a soft look and a capture the beautiful moments before all the chaos of the day. Los Angeles has so many beautiful venues but Park Plaza took my breath away. From the outside you would never guess that there is a hidden gem of high ceilings, beautiful columns, and unbelievable chandeliers inside. It truly made our wedding gorgeous and timeless at the same time. Our DJ was fantastic. We danced the entire night and all our guests had a great time thanks to the third rule of Open bar. Although I feared something would go terribly wrong that day, everything was perfect. Even my English Bulldog Winston walked down the aisle without too much trouble. The white orchids draped down from the ivory roses gave our wedding a clean look. Thanks to the help of our friends and family we were able to cut down costs with DIY signs and decorations. My final thought is about my dress. It was a custom made design and I could not have asked for a more beautiful dress. It fit perfectly and made me feel beautiful. I fell more and more in love with the dress throughout the night! Even now I can't believe how happy I truly am with our wedding.